Peter Pan Trivia

  1. Though Princess Aurora is one of only two Disney Princesses to have both parents alive and well, Wendy of Peter Pan is the first Disney heroine to have both parents present and survive the film.
  3. This film marked two "lasts" for Disney: 1) This was the final Disney film in which all nine members of the Nine Old Men worked together on it as directing animators. 2) It was the last Disney animated feature to be distributed by RKO Radio before Disney started its own distributor, Buena Vista.
  5. The phrase "second to the right and straight on till morning" was changed into "second star to the right..." for the Disney version, however the phrase was said by Peter Pan while standing on one of Big Ben's clock hands. Also, since the film came out, non-Disney versions have used the term "Never Never Land" as opposed to "Neverland".
  7. Although original author Barrie is credited, this is the only major film version of "Peter Pan" which does not use any of his original dialogue, although one of Barrie's original lines is paraphrased when Hook first tells Smee why the Crocodile is always following him. Even the live-action musical versions, as well as the 1924 silent film version, use Barrie's original dialogue.
  9. The melody for "The Second Star to the Right" was originally written for Alice in Wonderland as part of a song to be entitled "Beyond the Laughing Sky".
  11. Though the film was extremely successful, Walt himself was dissatisfied with the finished product. He felt that the character of Peter Pan was cold and unlikable.
  12. In 1989, British pop group Five Star performed a medley of Peter Pan songs "You Can Fly", "Never Smile At A Crocodile" and "Second Star To The Right" for a BBC Television special celebrating the works of Walt Disney.
  14. In the original film, there is a scene where Tinkerbell is dying and Peter sings a song to save her, but this scene was taken out in later versions. Tinkerbell appears with Peter later in the film and no explanation is given as to her healing.
  16. Captain Hook's name in different languages include the following: Capitaine Crochet (French), Kšpt'n Hook (German), CapitŠn Garfio (Spanish), Capitan Uncino (Italian), Kapitein Haak (Dutch), Kapten Krok (Swedish) and Capit„o Gancho (Brazilian Portuguese).
  18. The crocodile in Goliath II (released in 1960) looks exactly like the Crocodile in this film. A similar-looking crocodile also appears in the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers episode "Kiwi's Big Adventure". Tick-Tock himself also appears as a boss in the Nintendo Entertainment System game Mickey Mousecapade.
  20. The film beget multiple spinoffs in various forms, including, but not limited to: Peter Pan's Flight, the dark ride found at many of the Disney parks worldwide; a sequel some fifty years after the original film, Return To Neverland; another sequel to come out in 2007, Peter Pan III; and two areas of the Kingdom Hearts series: namely, Neverland as a playable world in the first Kingdom Hearts game with Tinker Bell as a summon and Peter Pan as a Summon in Kingdom Hearts II.
  22. Tinker Bell is the only character in the film to appear in the Disney Fairies franchise. However, unlike in the film, Tinker Bell spoke on the series.